Some of my favourite artwork

Some of my favourite artwork

Sombrio Beach, Vancouver Island
Sombrio Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (1997)

This one is from a photo I took at Sombrio Beach, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Nearly all of my paintings are from photographs - I have no qualms about that. I have no qualms about using a ruler for the initial layout either. All of my artwork is more or less based on some real life image. That way, if I'm not sure how to make something look, I can always refer back to the photograph. I do on occasions make 'improvements' on the initial photograph.

I didn't like this painting above much right after I did it. The water and beach in the foreground were not quite to my satisfaction. Having gotten over this though, its now one of my favourite paintings.


purple sunset
A sunset at the Laurel Creek Reservoir conservation area, near Waterloo (1990)

I just bought a tube of purple before I painted this one, and I was happy to have a subject where I could use it too. The purple is very strong, and I thing I went a bit overboard on it. It is a painting of a sunset, although my dad thinks its more of a moon rise. At any rate, I like the striking colour in it. I do think this sort of colur is overdone quite often. I'm not into overly dramiatic or unrealistic looking scenery.


Flood in field
Flood in neighbour's field, near Sault Ste. Marie, in northern Ontario (1990)

This one is my dad's favourite painting. I like it because it portrays just such utter stillness, and the water turned out just right, for the most part. The flooding is caused by a beaver on our property. The road was flooded too. Anybody who is opposed to trapping of beavers doesn't know what a nuisance these animals can be. During the early 80's, the railway (which runs through this land too) still dynamited the beaver dams.


Tree on the bluff
A windswept tree on a bluff near my parent's tourist camp (1988)

This painting was a bit of a milestone for me. I painted this one during my first term in university, after several mediocre paintings. This one was better than anything I had done before, and it set a new standard for me. I have been in a way comparing my paintings to that one ever since.


at the camp
The shoreline at my parent's tourist camp (1991)

Water up close is always hard to do, and I initially didn't like this one very much because the water doesn't look as clear as I'd like it to. But over time I looked beyond that, and I really like the mood that this painting projects. The clouds were all a bit funny looking when the photograph was taken that I based this painting on.  

Goofy bitmap drawing  

Parametric mathematical art  

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