Amogla Camp

Amogla Camp

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Amogla Camp is closed to the public for the foreseeable future

2005 was the last year of regular operation for Amogla camp. My dad turned 72 that year, and my mom 64, and they decided it was time to retire from actively operating the camp.

The camp has not been sold, and there is no plan to sell it for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it will be open to tourists again at some point in the future, although there are no plans at present.

If or when the camp does reopen for tourists, this website will be updated.

(Update 2016) I'm sometimes asked, by people who used to come to the camp, if there are any other cottages nearby that can be rented. And very close to Amogla camp is the MacKenzie's cottage which can be rented on a weekly basis. Amogla camp is still closed.

Amogla Camp was my parent's tourist camp. This tourist camp is an awesome place to spend time in the summer. I don't know of any other place as relaxing as the camp in the summer. The warm but not hot weather, the stillness of the lake, the cool breeze, and solitude of it all.

Amogla camp is in the middle of Algoma district. The name is actually just 'Algoma' spelled backwards. Amogla camp is on Rock Lake, about 80 km east of Sault Ste Marie.

People came to Amogla Camp mostly from around Ohio, and they come mostly to relax and fish. Rock Lake is particularly good for Walleye, as it is very deep. The best fishing season on Rock Lake is always a few weeks later than surrounding lakes as it stays cool longer on account of its depth.


The above shot was taken in the fall, after the main tourist season is over. The main season lasts from June through September. Outside of this time, the weather can be very unreliable. New guests have to settle for the early and late season though, because the main season is always booked up by regulars.

The cliff behind the cottage is one of two cliffs that border the small valley where the camp is situated. Radio reception is poor, and you can forget about cell phones and pagers.

The cliff behind the house is very spectacular, but easy to get up on, unless of course you are a rock climber and need to go up the face of it. Its not very suitable for rock climbing, as it is extremely solid igneous rock, and offers few cracks as hand-holds.


This is cottage #5. All cottages, with the exception of #2, have three bedrooms. Two rooms with bunk beds, and one with a double bed.


This is the living room of cottage #7. Each of the cottages has a wood stove. #1, #2, and #7 have a wood stove that is patterned after the traditional german 'Kachelofen' but without the expensive ceramic tiles. These stoves give heat off slowly, but continue to give off heat for some time after the fire has gone out. Some first time guests have difficulty with wood stoves, as they are not 'instant' like people expect. The other thing first time guests have difficulty with wood stoves is that you can't just turn them off when you want to. Fill it with wood, and it will give off lots of heat for a long time until the wood is burnt up.


Some of our customers came mostly for the fishing. Rock Lake is one of the better lakes for catching Wallyee (or Pickerel) around. This is because Rock Lake is very deep and does not get as warm as other lakes in the area.

A newer page about Amogla camp

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