Mount McKay abandoned ski hill

In Thunder Bay, Ontario

Came across this abandoned ski hill while checking out Mount McKay in Thunder Bay. Naturally, snapped a few photos of it.

There's a total of three lifts, although I was not aware of the third lift until I checked out the hill on Google Satellite

Near the main chalet, there's actually two double chair lifts side by side. You can see the second lift right behind the first one in the first image above. I guess the hill must have been sufficiently popular at some point to justify putting a second lift right next to the first. Those days are long gone!

The red-ish inconsistent rustproof paint does have a strange sort of appeal to it.

Here's me sitting on one of the chairs. The chairs are all removed, except for one at the lift.

The lifts, seen from the top of the hill. Also the main chalet. The chalet is actually still in use for other purposes, seeing that its in town.

At the top of the ski hill. The tensioning setup for the top bullwheels is kind of interesting. I guess it was an earlier design.

The top of the ski hill is actually only half way up mount McKay. The top part of mount MckKay is actually too steep for skiing on, so it wasn't used for skiing.

The slops are still used by downhill mountain bikers.

Of course, if you do check it out, you might as well go all the way up Mount MckKay. This is actually a little dangerous to get up. But you get a nice view of town, and of the sleeping giant.

Also check out mount McKay on Google Satellite

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