Small abandoned railway bridge

Sideroad 28/29, Bruce County

From the air, this little bridge looked like it might be a neat spot. The railway dam extending in either direction, with a gravel road going underneath it. On account of the road, this spot was very easy to access. However, I had made an error guessing where the bridge was. I used the GPS track log, with time stamps from the flight, and the timestamps of the pictures, to correlate where the bridge should be. This process was manual, and also involved some guesswork, because, for obvious reasons, I didn't actually take the pictures while physically over the bridge.

The main span of the bridge is riveted steel, supported by wooden posts. On top of the steel, the wooden sleepers, of course. The approach from either side is heavy wooden beams.

(Update 2006)
I have been told that this bridge was dismantled in the summer of 2005.
(sigh) That's the problem with ruins. People keep ruining them.